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Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER do business with American Exteriors, LLC! They send out "Canvassers" to "Survey" and area for their "Focus Property Program." These people insist they are not salesmen and say they just want to tell you what they are doing in the area with this program.

Then they ask for your phone number "just to confirm that I was really here." Then you will start receiving at least 2 phone calls a day for at least a month from their telemarketing team. Then 1 call a day for another couple months. Then they will call you once or twice a week for literally years trying to get you to buy windows and siding. I know all this because I worked in their sales department in Denver as an "Advertising Manager" for several months before I quit because I felt so guilty for harassing the average American Joe and how they were conducting business.

Just tell them to add you to the Do Not Call list or you will report them to the FCC.

And please feel free to report them to the BBB and any other consumer reporting agencies. They have no right to harass people this way.

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American Exteriors was a one time customer of mine & they short paid me on a contracted service that was provided. they will do anything to get out of paying thier own bills.

We have since fired them as a client. I will tell everyone I know to stay far away from this deceptive company.


How can one ensure that the people writing these posts are not American Exteriors employees doing damage control? Each positive testimonial seems to be consistent in the context to which they are writing.


I recently had AMEXT replace 19 windows in my house. I should have conducted due-diligence, but you can imagine the pleasure of entertaining sales people for a week or more, all stating their windows are 'the best'.

My windows hit me for just under $20,000. The quality of their windows looks top-notch.

My question deals with the probability that the 'Sales Director' got a notch in her belt at my expense. Do all high-quality replacement windows cost THIS much?

to ResearchingMilitaryGuy #597227

Yes that is the price of windows....you can check Remaxes Cost vs value report and it shows the average price per job of 10 3x5 windows


:cry It sounds like Tmt_boarder is a pissed former employee not a pissed consumer. Dude probably got fired and thinks by posting his blah blah blah on this site will score some points in his own mind.

The windows I have are the best thing since sliced bread. I had done some homework before American Exteriors came in the picture. I have to say that for the money, these are unbelievably good windows. No more listening to cars drive down my street - I can't hear them anymore!

No more drafts from windows. My gas and electric bill went down 50%.

I was amazed since my house was built in 1996 and had what I thought were good final windows. Thank you American Exteriors!

to Aaron #716953

you must be an ***


I'm happy to say that my husband & I were extremely happy with our new windows that were installed 5 months ago by American Exteriors! Everything went well from the Marketing Person to the Installers.

Our energy bills definitely went way down so we appreciate the savings that came with our new beautiful windows, plus our 7 year old daughter can finally take naps in her bedroom during daytime where it used to be excruciating hot, she loves how her room feels comfortable to stay in. We can't wait to see how the winter will be and the savings we'll be getting from our gas bills! It is very sad to read other bad experiences from other homeowners, I hope they can get their issues & problems resolved somehow with the company.

I just thought I'd add a positive feedback from homeowners like us that have had good experiences from this company & have recommended them to our family and friends. God bless :)


I appreciate your feedback Tom. We, at American Exteriors, provide a world class product at a great price.

Our 50,000 + customers and top ranking in Qualified Remodeler are testaments to our products and services. We stand behind our product and are endorsed by dozens of organizations both for the quality of our product and our company practices.

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