I had the exact same experience that you will read everywhere about these guys. They canvas the area and send out a guy to hard pressure you into a sale with a bunch of B.S about 'marketing home' and as long as you write a letter of approval and tell your friends etc...

The guys was overly pushy, clearly a swindler.

They overcharge a ton but have a bag of *** to bring the price down. "Did the guy give you the promo code?" "Thats 4%' "Do you go to church?, that's another 4%" Complete @ss, complete scam.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I'm happy to say that my husband & I were extremely happy with our new windows that were installed 5 months ago by American Exteriors! Everything went well from the Marketing Person to the Installers.

Our energy bills definitely went way down so we appreciate the savings that came with our new beautiful windows, plus our 7 year old daughter can finally take naps in her bedroom during daytime where it used to be excruciating hot, she loves how her room feels comfortable to stay in. We can't wait to see how the winter will be and the savings we'll be getting from our gas bills! It is very sad to read other bad experiences from other homeowners, I hope they can get their issues & problems resolved somehow with the company.

I just thought I'd add a positive feedback from homeowners like us that have had good experiences from this company & have recommended them to our family and friends. God bless :)


Thank goodness for the Buyer's Right to Cancel. We had a 'District Manager' come to our home and give us his pitch. It sounded good and the product looked good, but after doing some research, I am happy to report that we will no longer be doing business with this company.

We received the whole song and dance about being a focus home, all sorts of 'discounts' for our location, the 'don't tell anyone about the amazing deal we are giving you', we want to use your testimony as advertising, etc...

At the time, we felt good about it, but upon second thought realized that we are much better going with someone local. BTW, our 'District Manager' had been with the company only a couple of months. Sleazy.

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