I've now had 2 salesman from American Exteriors come to my door offering to do repairs/upgrades on my home in addition for free advertising. Has anyone else had these people come to your door offering this to go to be true offer?

The man explains that they will do the work at no cost to me just let them put a sign in my frontyard for advertising. I'm not buying it.

There's no way they are going to install new windows or siding to my home just by letting them keep an advertising sign on my front lawn. Give me a break...

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Very subtle micro-aggressions in your review. I suggest you check your privilege.


It is a promotional program, they offer incentives in return for your exposure. No company can ever give away free Windows and siding.

It a not a scam and they have done plenty of homes over the years. Visit amext.com, on that website you can put your zip code in and see for your self which of your neighbors have done projects with them, whether it was through the program or at retail.

You can see before and after pictures and also read about their experiences. if you have other questions about this company, don't hesitate to ask.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #810165

Nothing in the world is free, however maybe they are willing to knock off a part of the price for the advertising?

Denver, Colorado, United States #786481

They have come to my door to offer the same service for free advertisement

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